About Crunchy

Crunchy is a self-professed internet freak, a family guy who has a little son and a daughter and lovely wife. He enjoys watching movies and TV, going to places with good food and surfing the internet for 24 hours a day if he could.

Why blog?

Despite, listening to all the evil and horror stories as a result of blogging, the author has stubbornly decided to take the plunge and join this mysterious blogger's realm. This blog is a channel for him to share knowledge, news and events, personal life or for venting frustrations so he could get a new set of keyboard and mouse every week.

Why the nick 'crunchy'?

Back then, when IRC was the most popular chat program around I had this nick called 'crunch'. When people got to know me, they like to call me 'crunchy' instead, so I'm still using this for the past 11 years or so, amazing isn't it.

He may call himself an internet freak, but that doesn't make him an internet expert at all. That being said, he welcomes any comments, ideas, suggestions or even a simple acknowledgement to his posts.

Lastly, he hopes that you will enjoy reading as well as he enjoys writing them.

*Note: You may have noticed that some posts dates back much earlier than the date I've joined. I lost all my data when my previous free host went down without a warning. I'll post some of them that I remember and worth mentioning.