Acer V203H 20” LCD monitor

Just got this budget Acer LCD monitor last week. Acer V203HIt is connected to a PC which is mainly for watching movies on the TV and the occasional web browsing and word processing. I thought of getting a used CRT monitor for this purpose, but topping up a little more money for a budget LCD monitor is irresistible.

Acer V203H specs
  • Size: 20” Widescreen
  • Resolution: 1600x900 @ 60Hz
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.276x0.276
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2 ( Typical )
  • Contrast ratio: 10000:1 (ACM)
  • Viewing angle: 170 (H) 160 (V) (CR=5)
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Display colors: 16.7M colors
  • Horizontal Frequency: 30 – 80KHz
  • Vertical Frequency: 55 – 75KHz
  • Connectors: 15Pin D-Sub
  • Power Consumption: On 25.4W, Sleep Mode 0.52W , Stand-by/Suspend 0.42W
  • Button: 6 buttons
  • Dimension(W x H x D): 474.8 x 350.16 x 177mm
  • Weight: 4.197kg
  • Stand: Tilt
  • Panel type: TN
What's inside the box? Acer V203H Power cord, VGA cable, User guide CD, Quick start guide booklet, product warranty booklet, and the LCD itself. The box came with VGA cable only because the LCD has a D-Sub (Analog) input only.

The monitor works with windows default driver, but I went ahead and installed the driver provided by Acer. I find the ADM software that's bundled in the CD to be useless and loads quite a few programs at startup. I wouldn't recommend installing the ADM software. The OSD (on screen display) menu and Nvidia Control Panel ( or if you're using ATI graphics card, ATI Catalyst Control Center ) is sufficient to control the display on the monitor.

Acer don't have the driver for the V203H for download on their official website, I wonder why. Like I said before, the monitor works with windows default driver. But if you insist on getting it because you lost the CD that came with it, let me know. I'll see if I can upload the driver for you. The manual can be downloaded at Acer's official website. *Acer have finally put up a driver for this monitor. Head to their website for the latest driver.

Too bright?

If you still find it abit too bright for reading after adjusting through the OSD menu, try to lower the gamma level using Nvidia Control Panel( if you're using a Nvidia graphics card) or ATI Catalyst Control Center (if you're using a ATI graphics card ).

The text may be too sharp or crisp when looking at them. If you're on Windows XP/Vista you can download ClearType Tuner for free from Microsoft website. Clear Type Tuner improves readability on LCD displays, which is some sort of an anti-aliasing or font smoothing program.

On a side note, someone said the monitor is 1440x900 resolution on some forums which isn't true. It is surprising he/she didn't read the manual before complaining what's not working. The Acer V203H is a 16:9 ratio screen.

Below are some screenshots of the Acer V203H.

Acer V203H Acer V203H Acer V203H Acer V203H Acer V203H Acer V203H


cambo3122 said...

Yes please, I can't get my laptop to drive it at 1600x900 out of the box...

crunchy said...

I'm sorry I don't quite get you. Are you trying a dual monitor setup with your laptop?

Anonymous said...

my screen is streched like the videos on youtube and movies, I had a regular montior the square monitors with my windows xp compaw presario, how could i unstrech my screen? i went to the properties when right clicking on the screen but nothing

Anonymous said...

I have a new 8.9 inch acer, aspire 1 lap top and Im pluing it in to my new acer monitor v203h lcd and the monitor tells me the cable is not connected I've checked it many times, including resart computer, then windows intializing then I get cable not con. again. This little lap t. doesn't have a cd drive. plse help!!

crunchy said...

To those having output/display problems, get the latest drivers for your graphics card/chipset. This Acer monitor may not work with some graphics card especially older ones.

HappyAcerUser said...

Hello crunchy,

How to connect acer V203H to tv? What do I need to do? Ofcourse, my acer v203H has only D-sub (analog/VGA) port?
Please tell me....

Thanks a lot...

crunchy said...

Not sure if it's even possible connecting V203H to the TV. I assume you want to connect your PC to the V203H and TV at the same time, which is a dual monitor setup.

Anonymous said...

i have this monitor and a netbook with gma900.
and it works with full 1600x900 resolution.
Netbooks will be able to output at 1600x900 if u set it up right.

crunchy said...

yes gma900 will display it well and netbooks most come with newer onboard graphics, so it's not a problem. It is the older cards such as those AGP ones may have a problem.

Anonymous said...


I just bought the same monitor and have connected it to my laptop. The screen is flickering, i have tried everything i can think of. any suggestions? how can i make sure my laptop has the right system requirements to the screen?

crunchy said...

what model is your laptop? does it use ATI graphics?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i got problem with this lcd. it make 1 vertical blue line today. how to solve this prob?

crunchy said...

Does the line go across the LCD from end to end? If it does, most likely you got a defective LCD.

Anonymous said...

yes it is. I'm using Aspire m1201. This is a 2nd LCD. Last time my 1st lcd are broken too. Is it malware or power usage can cause this problem too?. I just use it for about 5 month. I have no idea why LCD from Acer can be broken within in 1 year.

hamidde said...


i got 4 of these for the office and 3 of them are working fine except for one which is connected to a PC that has a SIS 661fx on board video card. I have downloaded the latet driver for that and it doesnt recognise the 1600x900 resolution. I cannot find the v203h driver on the cd that came with it. i installed the ADM which did not help. if you have a driver for this monitor could you please upload it or send it to my email any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

crunchy said...

hi hamidde,

All you need is the default plug n play monitor driver assuming you're using Windows.

If there are any problems, most likely it is a graphics card issue.

Try updating to the latest UniVGA3 driver. If that doesn't help, update to the latest BIOS.

crunchy said...

To hamidde again, if the above does not work, your last option is to install powerstrip.

Anonymous said...

ok i have this monitor and i have a weird issue ill be typing or dragging things or even playing games and my mouse will trip and go to the corner of the screen and do random things I've checked my mouse driers and everything i had a 19" before this and did no have an issue any ideas?

crunchy said...

I believe the monitor has nothing to do with the weird mouse behavior.

Assuming you are on Windows, uninstall the current driver, restart and let Windows install a generic driver for it.

Anonymous said...

the mouse drivers or the monitor drivers?

crunchy said...

The Acer V203H driver is now available on their official website. I wonder what took them so long.

Ranjan said...

im willing 2 buy a type of this is t okay for me 2 buy it? Im using a G35 onboard vga s wil it works on

crunchy said...

Intel G35 onboard graphic should work with the monitor.

Anonymous said...

u wr sayin about a software dat coms 2 acer.....what is it? Plus i bought somtin cal g205h is it better than de v205h? Contact me on

crunchy said...

The G205H is definitely better than v203h.

Matija said...

Hi there!
I just bought an Acer V203h 20 inch monitor, and using it as an external display for the late 2007 MacBook Pro. When I set the maximum resolution from Leopard OS, the picture on the monitor is in the middle, but on the both sides I have those black squares which no calibration or OSD settings will remove and make the whole monitor surface fill with display content. Anybody has an idea what I am doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

hye crunchy, my lcd just not functioning, before this happen, it keeps coming out "auto config".. when i open my PC this morning, the lcd won't on.. what's wrong?

i did try it on my laptop, but my laptop gets dark screen if i connect the v203h lcd to it..

your help and advice is much appreciated..

Anonymous said...

This is monitor is excellent but, its not HD. well thats not a big deal. All monitors can play HD games

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