How do I choose where to save files in Mozilla Firefox browser?

Well, when I first started using Firefox not long ago, this was one of the questions that came up. Firefox save files to a default folder, fortunately Firefox allows you to change that folder.

Goto Tools > Options > Main > Downloads . Then choose 'Save file to' and browse to any folder you want. For me, a folder in my E:\ partition is the best since it's where I save all my data.

There is another pretty handy option, if you want to save different content to specific folders. Goto Tools > Options > Main > Downloads. Then choose 'Always ask me where to save files'. The good thing about this is, you get to organize your saved files on the spot instead of going through all of them again in one folder.

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This helped me very much. Thank you! Top result in Google. Very informative web page, thank you! :D

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