Mozilla Firefox can't open webpages I saved on my hard drive

A few days ago, I needed to open some webpages I've saved on my hard drive. Some webpages displays and some doesn't, I found out that turning off the modem/router works and all pages displays nicely. But this is not a good solution, imagine you have to turn on and off the modem/router and that will shorten it's life span. What about those of you who use public computers like colleges, universities, libraries?

In Firefox, you have an option to view pages offline. Goto File > Work Offline . Voila! There you go, when you need to view webpages saved on your hard drive just turn this option on, and when you need to surf again just turn it off. On a side note if you're a multi-tasker and would like to surf and view offline pages simultaneously, open up another browser like Opera or Internet Explorer.

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