Ogame - Review

Genre: Web browser based space MMO

Fee: Free to play/ item mall


OGame is a web browser-based strategic space simulation game. Yes that's right you just need a web browser to play the game. Basically, you can trade, mine and raid other planets.

Thanks to Gameforge Productions GmbH, the developer of Ogame, no fee is required to play this game.

Ogame is divided into universes,galaxies,systems and planets. Universes doesn't interact or connect with each other, it is like different servers in most MMO's. A universe is divided into 9 galaxies, 4491 systems and 67365 planets. At the start, you're given a home planet and colonize a limit of 9 planets in total.

Building ships, mines and research takes time and is in real time, for example building a level 7 crystal mine will take 11 minutes 35 seconds. Most research will take much longer at higher levels. A colony ship may take 2 hours to reach another planet in a different galaxy, and the level and type of technology will determine how fast your ships can go.

You can also create or join an alliance with other players to attack or defend planets.

Below are some Ogame screenshots :-

Here's the main console where you will take control of your ships and planets.

Managing your ships and fleets here.

Some of the ships you can build early in the game.

Build mining facilities.


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Thanks for sharing the site :).

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Malaysia OGame now live:

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