Spring Wood Farm Balance Board

Just bought this balancing board at Early Learning Centre for my little son. A friend recommended this, and said that it'll help his developmental skills. And so I said why not if every little bit helps. My son loves it.

It's not everyday that my 3 year old son goes to the playground or go for outdoor activities, or on a rainy day. So this is a great balance board addition for his physical activities if he's not outdoors. The good friend said it instills confidence in the child through this activity. Or any other balancing activity will encourage confidence in the child. Although, it says "the great outdoors printed" on it's box, I personally think that it's more suited for indoors because outdoor time can be reserved for other activites.

One caution though, if the board is on a hard and smooth surface like tiles and timber flooring, he or she might slip when they jump off the board too fast. So it's a good idea to put a big mat under the board if your floor is not carpeted.

Everyone likes to get gifts once in a while, it's no different for a child. Something that's tangible and to call his own. Hope he'll enjoy it until his younger sister takes over the board!

Below are some screenshots of the balance board by ELC :-

The box

Specific development purpose

What's inside the box

Board is put together, ready to surf!

How it looks like below the board.


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