What to Expect : When You're Expecting

Since my other half and I got news that the stork is on it's way with our first baby boy, we were both excited and of course very much clueless. So we decided to head to the bookstores and buy a book or two. That's when we got our first book from this series 'What to Expect'.

The book offers clear and concise explaination without throwing tons of medical terms at you. I must say the month-month format is really handy and convenient too, especially when I don't have much time. I don't even need a bookmark because the month to month format is easy to remember, or I might just skip the current month, and read about the next one.

This book is not a replacement for your gynaecologist, or a encylopedia that fill you with too much information, it does just like the title says 'What to Expect When You're Expecting'. I'd recommend this book to new parents.

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