Google SketchUp

I was looking for a 3D software which is free, lightweight, intuitive and yet friendly to 3D newbies. And I find Google SketchUp matches those requirements and just what I was looking for.

Well, I'm a newbie at 3D software, have only heard of 3DMax, Maya, Lightwave but never used them because they cost a BOMB! For a person who has never done 3D, I'm quite surprised I got the hang of it in about 30 minutes. I must be talented! Not. When I say getting the hang of it, is when I can just continue without much 'stalling' and not fumbling with the functions.

So, I decided to model my new house, equipped with some basic building plans and brochures. Some of the most used functions were, hide/unhide, face style, parallel/perspective projection, camera – orbit, and of course push/pull.

The push/pull function is being patented by Google! Quite a neat feature really. Checkout my half completed 3D model(wireframe mode) of my new house. What do you think?

google sketchup

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