How do you save Youtube videos? - Revisited

Two days ago, I've posted up 'How do you save Youtube videos?' . That prompted me to look for alternatives other than Zamzar.

While 'googling' I found another site which offers a similar service. The cool site is . let's you download the video file from the source with a 'twist'. Alright let's get on with it.

Goto . At the olive color box, paste your Youtube video address in the first white-box column. Next, at the drop-down menu, please choose Youtube. When you're done, just click the 'Download' button. *Update: changed it web page design and requires a java applet to run on your browser now.

New look.

-Image removed ( not relevant anymore )

Depending on your PC processing power, a grey/white box titled 'Download' will appear at the bottom. Right-click on the download link ( >> Download << ( .flv - Low Quality ) ) . Then choose 'Save Link As..' if you're on Firefox browser. For Internet Explorer users, choose 'Save Target As..'.

Click for bigger image.

By default, the file will be saved as 'get_video.htm' . Rename it to, for example 'myvideo.flv' . Always remember to include the extension .flv when you choose the 'low version'.

If you choose the 'high quality' version, the default filename would be 'videoplayback.htm' . Rename it to, for example 'myvideo.mp4' . Remember to include the extension .mp4 when you choose the 'high quality' version.

If you have problems following my guide, do drop me a comment. I will try my best to help you.


rednimer said...

i also have another one on how to get youtube videos on your computer. Savingyoutbe lets you do the same thing, but seems to work faster for me. Anyway, thanks for the info crunchy.

crunchy said...

Hi rednimer, welcome to my blog. Thanks for sharing the link. But I'm having problems playing the file saved from Can you please confirm?

Rubeena said...

Hey Crunchy,
I downloaded videos from Youtube using but somehow it saved all of them as VIDEOPLAYBACK.htm and i tried to change the extensions to .mp4 but still wouldn't play.
Any suggestions as to what i can do to play these videos?
Thanks - Awaiting :)

crunchy said...

Hi rubeena, sorry for the delayed reply. uses a java applet now. You will need to enable the java applet to run on your browser.

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