Review of Ikariam ( web browser based MMO )

Recently, one of my friend got me hooked to this game. It is like Civilization type of game plus the goodness of a MMO, where you interact and play with real people around the world. Ikariam is developed by the same company that made Ogame ( another web browser based game ).

Ikariam is a really slow paced browser game, in my opinion. Researching your technology and leveling up your buildings can be painfully slow even at early stages. Let's see how much patience I have when I get to higher levels.

Graphically, I would give Ikariam 8/10 because of it's cutesy and colorful drawings

Gameplay in Ikariam, allows you to colonize new islands, build structures, trade with others, pillage or attack others, research new technologies. Making sure you have all four types of resources( marble, crystal, wine, sulfur ) to upgrade or build new military units and structures.

At this point, the developers have decided to disable the technology 'Occupation' which allow players to occupy or takeover other cities. Imagine, all your hardwork will go down the drain when someone a lot stronger decides to occupy your city. Until the developers can think of some rules to limit it without putting off a lot of players, the occupation option should be disabled.

Edited 8th May 2009: Occupation is in the game now.

Here's some screenshot of Ikariam

Town view.

Academy where new technologies are being researched.

Island view.

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