No information on infant formulas?

About four years ago, I tried to search the internet for nutritional information on various brands of infant milk and failed miserably. I was really surprised that I couldn't find any information on any of the official websites for major brands like Mamex by Dumex, Enfalac by Mead Johnson, Promil Gold by Wyeth, Nestle NAN etc...

Thought my computer were playing tricks on me until I came across a news article about the boycott of Nestle products.

According to this International Baby Food Action Network website, companies are not allowed to advertise about infant formulas as it may discourage mothers to breastfeed. Now, that's why I don't see advertisement on billboards, tv or even product information on their websites.

Previously, websites like Dutch Lady, Mead Johnson and Dumex did not provide any information. Now they have added some links to the products with a catch. You are required to register and be a doctor or medical professional to access the information. Now, it's obvious why sales reps goes through the paedatrician in giving out samples of infant formulas, and not directly to consumers.

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