Another wannabe 3D chat program : Lively by Google

Just recently, Google launched a 3D chat program called Lively. Nothing unusual or unique about it. You can customize your avatar, make your own rooms, and chat away which is pretty normal stuff.

Lively crashed my Firefox browser twice. Loading the rooms is really slow. Googleupdate.exe kept connecting to the internet even when I'm not using Lively.

Until Google fix the crashes and slow loading times, I'll have to say no thanks for now.

Delete / Remove GoogleUpdate.exe

Note: You'll find that GoogleUpdate.exe tries to connect to the internet even when you have removed/uninstalled Lively. Using Crap Cleaner to clean the registry doesn't help either. I suggest you browse to C:\Program Files\Google\ . And manually delete the 'Update' folder. If you have the message access denied popup, goto the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. Look for GoogleUpdate.exe and terminate the process, then proceed to delete the 'Update' folder.

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