Crunchy's Top 10 Freeware

The following are some of my favourite freewares currently.

1. Avira Antivir Personal ( )

This is a good antivirus program, because it's lightweight, doesn't hog too much resources, good detection rates and avira antivir most of all it's free. If you don't like Antivir, you can check out another free alternative Avast!. A word of caution, please do not install two antiviruses on your PC. Uninstall the old one first, then install the new antivirus.

2. Comodo Firewall Pro (

If you do not have a software firewall yet, comodo firewallget Comodo Firewall Professional. Overall this is a great firewall compared to firewalls that you have to pay to use. Sometimes, customizing the firewall rules can be confusing to many, but the support forums helps alot if you take the time to read through the stickies and guides.

3. Media Player Classic ( Download )

This is an all-in-one media player for your PC. Don't be fooled by it's simple media player classicuser interface. It can play almost all known formats for the PC, if you download the Full version with all the necessary codecs and plug-ins. Fast startup times and a lot of customizations for you to tweak.

4. Firefox ( )

I wouldn't say this is firefoxthe fastest browser, but in terms of overall usage and features, this is by far the best browser at the moment. The amount of addons and support for the browser is impressive. I would recommend Opera as a second alternative.

5. Lavasoft Ad-aware ( Download )

Lavasoft Ad-aware is a free anti-spyware, ad-awareprovides good detection rate but no real time protection on the free version. If you have Comodo Firewall with Defense+ enabled you don't really need that real time protection from Ad-aware. Well, if you want real-time monitoring, a paid version is available.

6. GIMP ( )

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, gimpwhich is a free image editing program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. I would highly recommend GIMP to anyone who wants a whole lot of features to use without paying a single cent.

7. OpenOffice ( )

An office suite like Microsoft Office, openofficedeveloped by Sun Microsystems. OpenOffice is catching up fast with Microsoft's Office. Give it a try and you'll be surprised on how similar it looks and functions like Microsoft's Office Word and Excel.

8. Crap Cleaner ( )

A program that cleans all crap and crap cleanerunwanted files on your system. It cleans your registry too, and make a backup of your registry before you clean the registry just in case. But I have never revert back to the old or backup registry. Lightweight and fast, and frequent updates to improve this software makes this a must-have utility for your PC.

9. Free Download Manager ( Download )

This another lightweight free download managerdownload manager. No spyware on this download manager unlike most download manager. Alternatively, there are some addons for Firefox for your downloading needs. I try not to overload Firefox with too many addons, so Free Download Manager will start only when I need to download stuff.

10. U-torrent ( )

U-Torrent is a client program that uses the torrent format for downloads. Well, u torrentthe torrent format is often associated with illegal stuff. But lately, we can see that a lot of open-source softwares give us an option to download their programs through the torrent format. Among the torrent clients out there, I'd say U-Torrent is leading the pack. Lightweight and loads up fast.

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