Sony DVD-ROM DDU1621

I went over to my uncle's place this evening to check on his computer. His Sony DVD-ROM DDU1621 drive wasn't working. All this while he thought it was a driver problem but in actual fact it wasn't. Since Windows XP comes preinstalled with these drivers, it should automatically detect and auto install the driver for his DVD-ROM drive. I checked his windows 'Device Manager' ( right click My Computer> Properties> Hardware> Device Manager ) and not a sign of problem. Except for an entry in the DVD/CD-ROM drives - CV3544Y WVS240M SCSI CdRom Device.

Well, the solution to this was simply setting the jumper at the back of the drive to Master instead of Slave. Place the jumper at the slot nearest to the data cable. Restart your computer and let Windows auto install the driver! Now you should have these entries in your device manager.

*Update(16 November 2008): My drive just went kaput. Heck this is the 4th Sony that failed on me. I'll never buy Sony drives again, until everyone says it's good.

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