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Last week, I happened to stumble across this site about Father's Rights while browsing for other things. Can't blame me for that, because the internet is so 'huge' it's easy for anyone to stray from their main objective.

The name Princedaddy reminds me of the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but it is more than that. provide information and guidance for non-custodial dads who are dealing with an uncooperative ex.

The author claims that he had been through and struggling around with family court and his ex-wife for some years. And the objective of the site is to help and guide other dads who are going through it.

The author of the site has put up a wealth of information concerning custody law, Child Support State Laws and the rights of fathers in the United States of America.

What I like about the site is the author actually reply questions at the comments section, giving moral support and guidance to fellow visitors. For this, I have to say kudos to the author and keep it up!

For further guidance, the author may charge a small fee for an answer ( only if you're satisfied). Well, seems like a fair deal to me since he shares and spends time to answer questions. You can get a family law question answered here.

To Prince Daddy keep up the good work!

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