Liteon DH-20A4P : My latest drive

Just dropped by a shop today and bought this Liteon DVD/CD Writer and Rewriter Drive for RM85(Ringgit Malaysia). A young chap at the shop recommended me a Sony drive which is cheaper by RM1(Ringgit Malaysia). I have had 3 Sony drives failed on me, so it would be a bad idea to get another Sony.

What's inside the box?

The internal drive itself, installation manual, 4 screws, Nero 7 Essentials CD and to my surprise, there are two extra bezel which is black and a silver. So you can play 'dress up' your drive with either beige, black or silver.

Liteon DH-20A4P Liteon DH-20A4P Liteon DH-20A4P Liteon DH-20A4P

Nero 7 Essentials

As a software that comes bundled Liteon DH-20A4Pwith the drive, I'd say it's pretty good considering the features it has to offer especially to average users. However, I didn't like the fact that Nero loads a few InCD's and Lightscribe services in the background even when I don't use it. And there isn't a simple way to uninstall Lightscribe software that comes with Nero 7 Essentials.

Uninstalling Lightscribe software

If you do not intend to use the Lightscribe feature, you can uninstall it. Go here to find out what is Lightscribe before you remove it.

Assuming you're on WinXP, goto C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lightscribe . Now in that folder, please look for the file named LS_HSI.msi . Right click on the file, and choose Uninstall.

Liteon DH-20A4P

Silent spinner

I have to say the Liteon DH-20A4P runs silently even at high speeds. So now I don't have to worry waking up everyone in the house while burning until the wee hours of the morning. So far it reads all my CD/DVD medias including various brands of recordable disc. Will post up some results when I burn some disc on this drive.

In the meantime you can checkout the Liteon DH-20A4P on .

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