New Hotmail Interface : Loads Fast

I just logged on to and to my surprise, I got a brand new look for my Hotmail. And I have to say this new Hotmail layout loads real fast, comparable with Gmail if not faster. Most of the clutter and unnecessary stuff is gone. Check it out if you haven't touched your Hotmail for awhile.

Not everyone got the new Hotmail outlook. It'll be rolled out to all eventually, just some people are getting it earlier.

*Update: Looks like there are some changes and new features added, some of them are:
  1. You choose how to display your reading pane to preview messages - side, bottom, or off.
  2. A great new contact picker makes it easier to look up contacts when writing an e-mail.
  3. Type the first few letters of a friend's name or an e-mail address who you want to send an e-mail to, Hotmail fills in the rest.
Feature No. 2 is pretty neat and convenient, just click on the picker button next to the receiver's email field. As for No. 3, looks like they are trying to play catch up with Gmail, nevertheless still a cool and useful feature.

The developers are building new stuff in Hotmail scheduled to be available by early 2009. Some of them includes, inbox storage capacity that will automatically increase ( again reminds me of Gmail ), IM through Hotmail ( like Google talk in Gmail ) and new calendar features for you to share your calendar with friends and family ( again you get this in Gmail ).

new hotmail interface

new hotmail interface

*Update (21/11/2008): It seems like I'm getting alot of spam emails after the switch to the new interface. Did Hotmail cleared the spam list by accident?

The advertisement at the top with the fixed frame in it is annoying some people, especially those who have low resolution on their monitors. The increase in font size made it even more severe.

I found out that when you mark emails in the inbox as spams, it will move them to the deleted folder. Upon checking the 'deleted' folder, the spam emails aren't recognised as spam and I had to mark them again as junk before they're totally gone.

*Update (22/12/2008): Finally, Hotmail devs have made the whole page scrollable and removed the fixed frame where the advertisement banner is.


Anonymous said...

i think u r an asshole.

I took so long to load my hotmail,

and I have to scrol vertically and horitzontally to read my eamail

unnecessary stuff is gone?
The big advertisement at top panel is always there. And cannot scrol down.

The worst interface i have ever seen!2F7EB29B42641D59!7426.entry

crunchy said...

Hi anon, first please watch that language.

As for the link you posted up where some people were 'supposedly' having problem with the new Hotmail, I can assure you that none of my friends or myself have experienced those errors mentioned.

On my side, I have test drive it with IE7, Opera, Safari, and Firefox 3, and came out with flying colors. No errors of that sort mentioned in that link you provided.

As for the advertisement on a fixed frame at the top, that's not really a big deal to me, most importantly is Hotmail LOADS FASTER with this new version.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day. =)

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