Comodo Firewall is now Comodo Internet Security

The maker of Comodo Firewall Professional ( one of the good and free software firewalls around now ) has launched it's new software bundle called Comodo Internet Security. Although it's bundled together with Comodo's new antivirus, you can choose not to install it.

Other than the many minor fixes and improvements, system resource usage, integrated firewall and antivirus, I have noticed some obvious changes like:
  1. Faster load times during Windows XP startup
  2. Faster GUI interface startup
  3. Uses less system resource ( memory )
  4. Firewall logo text changed, from Comodo Firewall Professional to Comodo Firewall, if you installed only the firewall.
  5. 'Scan My System' option is no longer visible when you install only the Firewall with Proactive Defense+. It's in the antivirus if you have the Comodo Antivirus installed.
  6. With the full bundle installed, cmdagent.exe/cfp.exe took up about 26,000/11,000KB. Without the antivirus it was 9,000/5,700KB.
If you're still on version , go grab this new Comodo Firewall and you won't be disappointed. And if you've never heard or tried Comodo Firewall, you should give this a try.

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