Can't find those images posted from

Ever wondered where all those photos and images you uploaded to Blogspot/ end up? The answer Picasa Web Albums. picasa_bloggerI did mentioned something about this a few months ago here. So now, they have announced it officially on Picasa site. The developers must have been testing and ironing out problems during the past few months. Those people who have registered for Picasa Web Albums using the same email as their account, would know about it.

Whenever you upload photos from, the title of the album will match the title of the blog. The album title will not change, if you re-title your blog. Any deletion of photos on Picasa Web Albums will cause the same photos to be deleted from your blog.

Any photos you upload to or Picasa Web, will contribute towards the limit of 1 GB space provided. No more unlimited space for you photo posting freaks :p. The good news is they have increased the limit for an image file from 10MB to 20MB, but how many of us would upload such large images.

For more information, head to Picasa Web Albums. Make sure you register the same email account as your account.

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