DIY a mouse pad using a file

Today I decided to DIY a mouse pad made from polypropylene. Forget about those free mouse pads because they are normally small, runs off the table and hate those prints on them.

Alright here's how I DIY my own mouse pad. I found an unused file made of polypopylene, a transparent piece of rubberish wrap ( I think it's a type of linoleum ) and got a double sided tape ( flat type ).

diy mouse pad diy mouse pad diy mouse pad

The texture on this file(I used the inside surface of it which is smoother) is just nice because it gives a slight grip to my mouse and at the same time, friction and drag is not noticeable. As for the transparent linoleum, it holds the mouse pad perfectly especially on smooth and glossy surfaces. I liked how it's almost as flat as my table so no more bumping that mouse pad away from it's place.

First, I cut the file to the size I want using a scissors. Then the transparent linoleum is cut into 3 strips. After that, I used the double sided tape to stick the linoleum strips under the surface of the mouse pad. That's it, this DIY took about 10 minutes to do.

diy mouse pad diy mouse pad

Well, this DIY project is about using materials I already have without spending a single cent. But if you decide to buy materials the possibilities are endless and you could go crazy with your very own version. Goodluck!

diy mouse pad


wenQ said...

your DIY mouse pad is pretty cool! =)

crunchy said...

Thanks wenq :). I came up with this mouse pad because my little ones keep playing with them even when I'm on the computer.

Ashley Two Fish said...

good tip, i need a new one! actually never had one hehhhheeee

crunchy said...

Give it a try and post it up on your blog and let us see =)

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