How to watermark multiple images with Irfanview?

Some people asked me what program do I use to watermark my images or photos. Well, for most of my 'watermark' jobs that requires many photos to be marked, I'd say use Irfanview because it's free, lightweight and powerful. If you don't have Irfanview, you can download it here. Ok let's get on with the watermark tutorial.

Start Irfanview. Goto File>Thumbnails or press T. And the thumbnails window will open up. Browse to the folder where your images or photos are by using the left panel. Then select/highlight the photos for 'watermarking'.

irfanview watermark

After that, right click on any of the selected/highlighted photos and select option 'Start batch dialog with selected files...'or press B.

At the 'Batch Conversion' window, tick 'Use advanced options(for bulk resize...)'. And click the 'Advanced' button.

irfanview watermark

Next, tick 'Add overlay text' and click the 'Settings' button at the 'Set for all images' window.

irfanview watermark

'Add overlay text to images' window will popup. Here you can customize your watermark, such as changing font, positioning etc. Once you're done, press OK. Then at the 'Set for all images' window, press OK.

irfanview watermark

Now you'll be back at the 'Batch Conversion' window. Goto 'Output directory for result files' to choose where you want the 'watermarked' photos saved. Click the Browse button and choose destination folder, and then press OK. Start your batch watermark by pressing the 'Start Batch' button.

watermark photos

A batch conversion window will popup showing the status of the 'watermark'. The 'watermarking' process should finish without errors. I hope this little tutorial helped you.

irfanview watermark

*Update 21 October 2009.

Irfanview works great if you need a simple text overlay for your watermark. But if you need drop shadows on your overlay text or adding a watermark image/logo, Fast Stone Viewer is a good choice because it's free for personal use and has better watermarking features.


Sarthak said...

Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Just what I was looking for.

crunchy said...

You're welcome. Glad it helped you. =)

Lynda said...

Thanks a lot for the tutorial! It is really helpful!

I like Irfanview for the fact that by using placeholder like $T(%m.%d.%Y), the date when the photo was taken will be automatically added as watermark. This feature is really time-saving!

I have some complaints, though.
Firstly, the watermarking in Irfanview is literally to add some overlay text to the original photo, so the generated watermark is not as sophisticated as those professional watermarking software.

Secondly, for batch conversion, the chosen color for overlay text may not be suitable for all the selected images. The overlay text may become indistinguishable in some pictures. If Irfanview can automatically detect the background color in each picture and select a suitable color accordingly for overlay text, that would be great!

crunchy said...

You're welcome lynda and thanks for the input.

Gotta agree on your first point. Irfanview is lacking some features compared to professional watermarking software and another free image viewer software which is Fast Stone Image Viewer.

On your second point, there are some workaround if we want viewers to see our watermarks clearly. Like adding a background color, shadows(Irfanview don't have this feature) or even design a watermark with logo/text in it and use that image. Sadly Irfanview don't have this feature also.

Bizzaro said...

I know it's old, but great tutorial. Helped me out a lot. Thanks

jun lee said...

Thanks for the post. this is exactly what I was looking for.

Anonymous said...

I can get my watermark to appear when I select the center location at size 36 font..but when I want to locate it to the lower left or right and even reduce the font size, it wont fit on one line and appears in up to 3 lines. Suggestions?

crunchy said...

Irfanview puts a default 100x100 pixel wide area for your watermark. Enter '0' into the width and height boxes to avoid this problem.

Car Wallpapers HD said...

Nice to find your article in page 1 Google and this article solved my problem. I'll put watermark in my pin-up magazine... May I know is the default 100x100 in Irfanview 4.30?? Thanks...

Vinod Menon said...

Thanks a lot.. saved a lot of time... said...

These facts are really interesting. Few of them were well known for me but many of them were brand new for me too!
I will print this one out and show to my friends because they will be definitely interested in that. Thanks!

marycbridge said...

Great post, thank you so much!

Diana Panov said...

thank you

LadyMcBeth said...

Very, very helpfull! Thanks a lot! B eforeI was doing it picture by time consuming... Now I've got it all done in less than a day.

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