Want to watch better quality YouTube videos?

I found out that I could watch better quality YouTube videos by inserting some code at the browser address bar.

For example, if the address is

Just add the code &fmt=18 at the end.

Now it should look like this

Let's compare with this video clip of Charice Pempengco ( singing sensation from the Philippines )

Normal quality ( looks pixelated )

High quality ( less pixelation )

Another thing I've noticed is that it loads much faster than normal quality. So whenever you watch a video on paste the code at the end if there is no link to the higher quality version.

high quality youtube

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crunchy said...

Just informing that this is not HD quality. You can try pasting &fmt=22 instead of &fmt=18 , and most of the time it won't give you HD quality, unless the author have uploaded HD quality.

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