Transfer Posts to Another Blog on Blogspot

Recently, someone I knew wanted to combine his two existing blogger blogs into one. He wants to transfer all posts from one to another without re-typing and adding all the posts manually.

Well, I think he's probably lucky because introduced this neat feature a few months ago. We can import and export our blogs now. Here's how you do it.

From your Blogger dashboard, goto Settings>Basic>Blog Tools. You can see three links here; Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog link.

1. Go to your blog that you want to transfer. Export your blog by clicking the 'Export Blog' link. Blogger will let you save your blog in xml file format on your hard drive. Remember where you saved the file to.

2. Go to the existing blog that you want to keep and transfer all posts from the previous blog. Import the xml file you have saved earlier by clicking the 'Import Blog' link. If you do not want Blogger to automatically publish all the posts please untick the box. This can be really useful when you want to publish only the relevant ones from the previous blog.

3. Wait for a moment after hitting the import button ( wait longer if you have alot of posts to transfer ). I find it amusing Blogger doesn't re-direct to a proper page after importing. Just click on the Blogger logo at the top left and you will be back at the dashboard.


Estefania Only said...

thanks for the tips...its work for my blog!!

Abe said...

thanks. i needed the help!

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thanks for your info,... please come to my blog and

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