Mitsubishi DVD+R 16x

Bought this box of Mitsubishi DVD-Rs from some guy off the internet about three months ago. Let's see if my friend's recommendation is a good one :D.

D-Link 2542B D-Link 2542B D-Link 2542B D-Link 2542B

Here's some information about PIE and PIF readings.

The main criteria used to assess the quality of a DVD burn here are the total count of ‘Parity Inner Errors’ (PIE) and Parity Inner Failures (PIF) that the drive reports as errors as it reads the imperfections distributed across the disc surface. Whilst these are by no means the only factors which determine a good quality burn, they are useful surrogate markers which can be straightforwardly obtained by home users. As with all surrogate markers (for example, blood pressure as an indicator of general human health), their usefulness is limited, but we believe that there is a proportional and reliable relationship between the number of PIE and PIF counts and the general ‘health’ of a recorded DVD. Therefore, for completeness you should be advised that Disc Quality Scanning which reports PIE/PIF on a burned media is neither an exhaustive nor completely objective measurement but will show us an important part of the full picture.

The lower PIE and PIF reading the better. According to what determines a good disc is, PIE reading should not exceed 280 and PIF not more than 4.

A good quality disc means it can last longer. Well, at least until the next affordable tech emerges.

I tested 18 Mitsubishi DVD-Rs ranging between one to three months old discs. All discs are burned using LG's GH22NS30 firmware version 1.01, and scanned/tested with Lite-On DH20A4P firmware version 9P59. Software used to scan is Opti Drive Control ( which is also the maker of PlexTools and Nero CD-DVD Speed ). Not all drives are supported, so check their faq section here.

Disc information.

D-Link 2542B

Test PIE and PIF.

D-Link 2542B

Results for all the discs were more or less about the same. Those are good results and I am a happy customer.

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