MV Doulos visits Kota Kinabalu

Last Sunday was a memorable one for me, my wife and my son because we were aboard the world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship, MV Doulos! As we approach the ship along the wharf, it doesn't look like it's a ship built in 1914. MV Doulos has done re-modelling and upgrades over the years, that's probably why.

Doulos was purchased in 1977 by GBA Ships (known as Good Books for All) a non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Germany and the organization behind this idea is the international Christian NGO 'Operation Mobilisation'. All crew members of the ship are volunteers with no salary.

Only the 'boat' deck is opened to public and that's where the bookshop is. There are loads of books especially children's books and family related ones. All books and medias are priced by units, and 50 units is equivalent to RM4(Ringgit Malaysia). The wife bought a deluxe box gift set by Disney for the kids. The box includes 4 books, a music player and movie projector all for 500 units. Not bad at all. On board the ship, ice-cream and cold drinks are also available to complement the hot and sunny afternoon.

This may possibly be MV Doulos last and sixth visit to Kota Kinabalu, as it could be de-commissioned in 2014 and sail under certain restrictions after 2010 due to some regulations set by International Maritime Organization. So, if you're in Kota Kinabalu now, don't miss this chance. Those who are in West Malaysia, MV Doulos will be arriving at Pasir Gudang on 2009-9-24, which is her next port visit.

MV Doulos visit to Kota Kinabalu

Arrival: 2009-8-29
Departure: 2009-9-21
Opening: 2009-8-30
Closing: 2009-9-30
Opening hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (Tuesday - Saturday); 2.00pm to 10.00pm (Sunday and Monday)
Entrance Fee: FOC

I was given a postcard-like souvenier just before I got off the ship. I'm impressed and inspired by the ship's history and most importantly the purpose of Doulos that is to bring knowledge, help and hope to communities around the world. Bon Voyage MV Doulos and all it's crew members.

Here are some photos I took while onboard the ship ( click on the photos for a larger version ).

mv doulos

mv doulos
Bow of MV Doulos

mv doulos
Getting on board the MV Doulos.

mv doulos
Ship registered in Valletta, Malta. Taken on the starboard of MV Doulos.

mv doulos
GBA is short for 'Good Books for All'.

mv doulos
General information : The engine room.

mv doulos
Satellite dome.

mv doulos
View of the beautiful Mount Kinabalu from the 'port' side of MV Doulos.

mv doulos
The bridge with a plane in the background that just took off from Kota Kinabalu international airport.

mv doulos
MV Doulos technical data.

mv doulos
Night view of MV Doulos.

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John said...

I went there on Sunday too, nice ship.

cyrildason said...

I thought they plan to retire this ship since like a few years back.. but so far.. i keep seeing it around... Plan tak jadi?

crunchy said...

Hi Cyril,

I think the ship will still sail until 2014, but it will do so under certain restrictions after 2010. Not sure what are these restrictions though.

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