Adding Customized Placemark icon on Google Maps

Ok, so you've got a Map saved in 'My Maps' on Google Maps and you want to share some interesting places you visited last holiday. You probably want to categorize them and put a different placemark icon(other than the standard blue icon) for each category, for example restaurant or shopping.

There are two ways for the placemark icon customization. One, you could use the available designs provided by Google Maps. Or you could show off your artsy skills, design and customize the placemarks yourself.

Method One : Using icon designs provided by Google

1. Click on 'My Maps' at near the top left of the page.
2. Next click on 'Create new map'
3. Now look at the top left of the map. There are 3 icons. Click on the balloon-like icon to start placing your marker. Then click anywhere on the map to place the marker.
4. A white 'conversation cloud' pops up where you can fill in title and description. Click on the ballon-like icon at the top right. Choose any default icons there by clicking on it.
5. You should see the new icon at the top right.

placemark icon
(Click for a bigger image)

Method Two : Using your own design or custom placemark icon

1. At the 'conversation cloud' popup, click on the ballon-like icon to start placing your marker.
2. Then click on 'Add an icon'.
3. At the window popup, fill in the address of the image/icon you uploaded elsewhere. Google Maps do not save your customized placemarks icon on their servers. There are a lot of free image hosting sites where you could upload your icon to, for example, Picasa Web, Photobucket, Imageshack, Flickr and many more. Your placemark will disappear from your maps when the customized placemark icon is deleted from your chosen free image hosting site.

placemark icon
(Click for a bigger image)

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