Best Free Download Manager for Rapidshare

Jdownloader is probably the best free download manager for Rapidshare and many other file hosters like Megaupload, Hotfile, Mediafire. Although program startup is much slower than most download managers, it's functionality, good support and useful frequent updates makes it worthwhile.

Jdownloader is written in the Java programming language, so you'll need Java Runtime Environment installed on your operating system. Download and install the latest JRE ( Java Runtime Environment) here.

Choosing specific Rapidshare servers

Some servers may actually offer better download speed consistently for some of us. Jdownloader let's you set those specific servers and here's how.

Goto 'Settings', scroll down to 'Plugins & Add-ons'. Then click on 'Host'. Look at the right window and find on the list. Click and highlight it, then press the 'Settings' button near the bottom.

Untick 'Use preselection'. Choose the mirror servers from the drop down menu. In my example, I have chosen Globalcrossing server 1 and 2, and Teleglobe.

    (Click for a bigger image.)

Disable auto unpack of RAR files

One thing I didn't like is the auto unpacking of rar files which is installed as a default. Here's how you disable JD unrar.

Goto 'Settings', scroll down to 'Extensions'. On the right window, untick 'JD unrar' and restart Jdownloader.

    (Click for a bigger image.)

As for saving streaming videos from websites like Youtube, follow my instructions here.

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