Blogger image placement jumping to the top of page?

Ever had that annoying problem where the photo you added goes up to the top in's post editor? Posting and placing a photo from where you left off is impossible. Solution to this problem is switching to Blogger's new post editor. Goto Settings>Basic . Scroll down and select Updated editor ( at the 'Select post editor' section ). When you're done, press Save Settings.

Managing photos in blogger new posting editor

Best feature is the improved photo management. The photos no longer jump to the top when adding them. Another nifty feature is the inclusion of a little menu under a photo whenever you select one. This little menu let's you align the photo to the left, right or center, and dragging the photo onto a paragraph of text will float it to the left or right. The menu also let you choose between small, medium or large size ( original size ) in a click.

A window pops up when you upload photos. It displays thumbnail view of photos as you upload more. Very nice feature.

Old vs New post editor visually

There are many other new features implemented with the new post editor. Head over to Blogger's overview of the new post editor.

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