Some Papercraft Fun

My five year old son spends a lot of time with his huge collection of little die-cast car models when he's at home. Instead of asking him not to play with them, he'll be making paper models with my help! The paper models can and hopefully introduce better roleplay, let him learn and recognize words.

So, I went ahead and downloaded some paper models designed by Hiroji Chiba. Took out the colors and printed only the outlines on the models, so my son could color them. Models are scaled down to match the size of his die-cast cars. In this case it was 1:78 scale.

Here's his first proper model of a hospital. His other model which is a fire station got destroyed because his little sister took on a role as godzilla and squashed it flat!

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Alice Phua said...

Thanks for sharing about Hiroji Chiba paper models. I'll go Google it myself to find the printable models. I'll work this out with my son when he's older (now he's 3 yrs old) since he also likes to play make-believe with his toy cars and robots.

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