Creating Static Pages on Blogger

Publishing static pages on Blogger is now possible. This neat feature was introduced about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, publishers are only allowed a maximum of 10 static pages for each blog. But it's still better than having no option at all to publish static information.

How you publish static pages? Easy, at the your Blogger dashboard go to Posting > Edit Pages.


Next, type your content or insert any images just as you would on a normal blog post. When you're done, just click the Publish Page button. Don't worry it won't publish instantly right after you hit the button.

You will have 3 options right after you hit the Publish Page button. Choose the first option if you would like to integrate the static information as a widget on your blog layout. The second option let's you create a Menu bar with your static page links in it. The third option simply does nothing but save a static page on your Edit Pages section when you hit the Save and Publish button. Choose 'No gadget' option when you need to link pages manually.

Look, here's my first static page on Blogger!

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