Scandisk in Microsoft Windows 7

Some people may be new to CHKDSK especially those who finally made the switch to Windows 7 after staying with Windows XP for a long time. SCANDISK in WinXP is replaced by CHKDSK in Windows 7 and Vista. It's easy if you want to scan for disk errors and bad sectors on your hard drive. Here's how.

1. Double Click on 'My Computer' and right click on 'Local Disk (C:)'. Then choose 'Properties'.

2. Goto 'Tools' tab. On the 'Error-checking' section, click the 'Check Now' button.

3. Tick both check disk options and press 'Start'.

4. On the window popup( Windows can't check while the disk it's in use), press 'Schedule disk check'. Since C:\  is the operating system drive, it is required to restart the PC for a proper scan.

5. Restart the computer.

Other logical drives like D:, E: and so on.

Follow the same steps ( 1 – 3 ) as the above. Windows 7 will force a dismount before proceeding with the scan. Wait for scan to finish and restart computer.


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