Can't View Photos on The Camera that are Copied and Transferred from the Computer

Ever had that problem when you transfered photos (files) back to your SD Card, photos are no longer viewable. Your digital camera could not detect the photos on the SD Card anymore? Viewing the photos on your computer seems to work fine but not on the camera!

This happens alot on Sony digital cameras with digital photo organizer in it. Solution? Install the Picture Motion Browser (PMB) software from the CD that comes with your camera. Instead of using the normal way of copying/pasting files through 'Windows Explorer' (if you are using Windows OS). Use Picture Motion Browser to transfer back photos(files) onto your SD Card.

Open up PMB and goto 'Manipulate' on the menu at the top. Then choose 'Export'. A little window will appear. Do not close it.

Go back to the main PMB window and choose 'Index' view. By default, PMB will always scan files/photos in 'My Pictures' folder on your computer. Now, drag and drop any photos from here to the little window which was opened earlier. When you're done, press the Export button.


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