Microsoft Windows : Change the imported pictures folder to a specific folder

A recent visitor to my site asked whether it is possible to change the default Pictures folder when importing from a camera or device.
I have a different but related question: The Photos app will only download photos from my camera into the My Pictures folder in the C: drive. How do I redirect it to download to a My Pictures folder in a different drive?

 And yes it can be done. Here's how you do it.

First, open File Explorer and connect your camera to the PC. Wait for a moment and your device/camera will appear on the left panel.

Then right-click on the camera/device. Choose 'Import pictures and videos' from the menu.

At this point Windows will start scanning pictures from your camera. After it's done, you'll see a window like it is shown below. Click on 'More options' and the Import Settings window will appear.

At the Import Settings window, click on the Browse button to choose your specific folder or drive for your imported pictures or photos.


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