Navyfield - World War 2 Naval Game Review


Fee: Free to play/ item mall


At first glance, this game doesn't sound too appealing since it's a 2D World War 2 naval real time strategy game compared to flashy 3D games out in the market these days. But gameplay is another story altogether for it's genre.

Basically Navyfield is like a real time strategy game, but SDENTERNET (game developer) prefer to call it a Massively Multiplayer Online Tactics Simulation Game. It is point-and-click for moving your ship around the screen. As for firing guns and torpedoes, you have two options to choose from. One, automatic aiming which is just point-and-click and press spacebar to fire. This type of aiming is suitable for newbies and destroyer class and lower ships. Next, is manual aiming which offers more flexibility and greater accuracy and range. It is a good idea to start using it early if you want to be good with higher class ships.

You get to choose from 4 nations for your sailors and ships. They are Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. Like most MMO's, the nationality and level of sailors determines the ships you can buy. Getting to destroyer class ships is a breeze even without premium items.

SDENTERNET says "Navyfield have an RPG style sailor leveling system". You can customize by naming your sailors, use points to roll for good stats sailors and choose a sailor to focus on a skill like a heavy torpedo man or heavy gunner, support sailor etc.

The beautiful part of the game is anyone can just jump in and play with some of the 'big boys' without having to grind much for levels. Unless, of course if you're determined to get to advanced levels of the game like getting that big battleship or aircraft carriers.

I have a Torpedo playing guide on the IJN line here.

Here are some screenshots from Navyfield : -

This is the harbour, where you buy and configure your ships.

Recruitment and promotion of sailors is done at the harbour too.

This is the place where the battlerooms are.

Ships/players waiting in a battleroom.

Ships in action.

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Anonymous said...

you really need to play it alot if you want to have any chance at all to be one of the better players on the 3 servers, i go by iota i have been playing NF for 3 years off and on but 7 months in a row on the newyork server now im in a bb4 2 ships from the nebraska the finaly bb for the US Line

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