What to Expect : The First Year

Ever since my wife and I got the first book, What to Expect : When You're Expecting, from the same series, we knew getting the next book of this series is a must.

In this book, it adopts the same month to month format like What to Expect : When You're Expecting. I find it really convenient as it's well organized. The bolded headers and questions for the titles makes it easy to read too.

I really like the milestones and developmental progress of what my baby may be doing every month. For example, the baby may reach for an object after a certain month or maybe rolling over for the first time.

I find this book much more useful than the first, maybe that's because I'm much more involved in bringing up the baby, than when my wife was pregnant. I hope she don't read this. This book is clear and concise and at the same time provides enough information just like what it says 'What To Expect'. I would recommend this book to all new parents. Happy parenting and congratulations on your first baby!

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