How do you save Youtube videos?

The previous day, my dad asked me how do I save videos from I was stumped, because does not allow users to download videos directly from their site.

Lucky me, I found a cool site that can let you save any youtube video, and also converts the video to the format of your choice. Fantastic!

Just goto . Just copy the link of the youtube video that you want to save. Next step, choose which format you want to convert the video to. Third step, fill in your email address, so that they can inform you through email that your file is ready for download. Lastly, just hit the convert button.

Check your email after 10 minutes ( it might take longer for bigger file sizes ). Zamzar's email will provide a link to the youtube video file for you to download, just click on the link. It's important to remember that zamzar keeps the youtube video file for 24 hours only from the time you receive Zamzar's email. I'd say that's a small price to pay, considering the service they had to offer.

*update: I've posted another alternative for saving your youtube videos here.


Anonymous said...

does this also work to save it just as an mp3, to save to your computer and listen to it...

crunchy said...

Actually allows you to convert the youtube videos to just mp3s. The converted mp3 will have sound minus the video.

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