Mini Ikariam FAQ

We can expect a lot of changes to the game in the near future, so I will update this FAQ frequently and add new stuff. If you have no idea what Ikariam is about, go here to read about it.

  1. Do I need to build a workshop on all my colonies?
    No, just build one workshop for all your colonies. Build it on a crystal resource island if you can.

  2. Do I need to build a museum on all my colonies?
    Yes, build a museum on every colony. Museum give a fixed 'satisfaction' to your citizens, instead of relying just on wine to make your citizens happy.
  3. Do I need to build a gorverner residence on all my colonies?
    Yes, it is advisable to build a governer residence on each of your colony to reduce corruption. If you have the extra resources, upgrade it to the same level as your capital's palace.
  4. Can I build the academy on all my colonies?
    Yes, infact it's beneficial to build it on all your colonies including your capital. More scientist equals faster researches.
  5. How do I make another colony on a different island?
    Make sure you have researched Expansion and Wealth . Then build your 'palace'. You will need 5 cargo ships, 1250 wood, 12,000 gold and 40 citizens. Once you have all that, click on the button 'Show World', proceed to click on any island of your choice, and on the island click on any empty slot that has a yellow flag on it. Your new colony will be ready as soon as the cargo ships arrive at the new island.
  6. How do I transport goods to another town?
    Research 'Expansion' first. Then click on 'Show World' button at the top. Punch in the coordinates of your friend's island, and click on his town. At your left, look for the 'Transport' button. Once you're done with the amount, just click 'Transport Goods'.
  7. Can I receive goods without a port in my town?
  8. How do I send a cultural treaty?
    First check that you have researched 'Cultural Exchange'. Then build a museum. Click on the person's town that you want to exchange cultural treaty with. And click on the 'Diplomacy' button. If you have not verify your email, do it first. Now at the message drop down menu, choose 'Cultural Assets Treaty'. Then click submit. Once he/she approves it, the cultural treaty is enforced. After this, goto your museum to distribute the goods.

    What if someone sends me a treaty? Here's how, at the message click accept. Then at the message window, at the drop down menu, choose the first 'Cultural treaty'(there are two identical ones). (update: 01 June 2008 )
  9. Can I destroy other players buildings?
    No, you can't. You can only take their gold, resources and destroy their armies.
  10. How do I transfer my cargo ships to another colony?
    You don't need to transfer. The total amount of cargo ships you have, is readily available in all your colonies.
  11. How do I reduce corruption?
    If your Palace is level 3, all your governor residences need to be level 3 to avoid any corruption. In other words, the governor residence got to be the same level as your palace.

Update ( 12 May 2009 ): have been updated to version 0.3.1 . Some information about version 0.3.0 and version 0.3.1 .


crunchy said...

I have removed the links that jumps to a certain section on the page. Did not realize until I click on them myself. I apologize for that blunder.

knifey said...

Since when can you receive goods without a port, the cargo ships turn back if there is no port.

crunchy said...

knifey, do you happen to play on instead of As far as I know, version 0.2.8 on still allows you to do that.

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