LCD Monitor : Flatron LG W1942T-BF

Just got this entry level LG LCD monitor from a shop a few days ago. I almost wanted to get the Samsung 743NX. I chose this monitor because I needed it just for work and internet browsing and a budget monitor. Let's take a look at the specs.

LG W1942T
  • Size : 19"
  • Resolution : 1440 x 900
  • Pixel Pitch : 0.285 x 0.285
  • Brightness : 300cd/?
  • Contrast ratio : 8000:1 (Original 700:1)
  • Viewing Angle : H : 170 °/V : 170 °(CR=5)
  • Response Time : 5ms
  • Display Colors : 16.7M
  • Horizontal Frequency : 30~83Khz
  • Vertical Frequency : 56~75Khz
  • Connectors : 15Pin D-Sub, DVI-D
  • Power Consumption : On 36W, Stand-by/Suspend 1W, DPM Off 1W
  • Button : 6Key ( Power Key Included)
  • Dimension(W x H x D) : 448 x 383 x 198
  • Weight : 4.1kg
  • Stand : Tilt, Base Detachable
  • OSD control : Visual OSD
The box came with a CD ( drivers and manual ), some warranty card, analog cable, dvi cable and a power cord, and the LCD monitor.

The max resolution of 1440 x 900 is just nice, any higher resolution on a 19” wide screen monitor would make text hard to read. The extra horizontal space on this widescreen is really helpful which let's me put two bigger windows side by side. The blacks on this monitor is good at it's class, and of course not as good as higher end monitors which has better contrast ratios.

Popped in my Underworld DVD just to test it out and the picture looks good. I guess, that's where the DVI connection helps in this aspect. Well, I won't be watching movies or play games on this monitor anyway. The LG W1942T screen doesn't give a glare even when my monitor is placed right next to a window during the day.

Not displaying properly?

If there is a problem where you have to scroll to the right and your 'window's desktop' does not fit nicely within the screen, try installing the latest driver for your graphics card. This monitor is powered by my good ole entry level Nvidia FX5200 graphics card. So far there are no visible dead pixels on this LCD monitor. You can download a dead pixel checker app from here. If you have lost your driver CD, you can goto LG website to download the driver. Also the manual/user guide can be downloaded here.

Some people may find the 'crunchy' or too sharp text on the LCD, abit too hard to read. If you're on Windows XP you can download ClearType Tuner for free from Microsoft website. Clear Type Tuner improves readability on LCD displays, which is some sort of an anti-aliasing or font smoothing program.

So far I'm really satisfied with the monitor, as for reliability I'll be keeping my finger crossed.

Update ( May 2009): A little comparison between the LG W1942T and LG W1943S (which is a newer model) can be found here.


Anonymous said...

does it provide HD ?

Anonymous said...

can you watch or play HD games with this

crunchy said...

Hi, I believe it can play 720p movies/games.

Anonymous said...

lost drivers. can you send them to me? im_cookie at hotmail dot com

crunchy said...

Hi, you can download the driver here

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Give me the exact link

Anonymous said...

Yer me too, i lost my CD,

Anonymous said...

How big is the driver to download?

crunchy said...

The link to the driver is in my article actually. Here's the link

How big is the driver? I'm not entirely sure, probably 1 or 2 MB maximum.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Crunchy
I had lost my manual. My screen had fuzzy word edges after the computer coming back from being repaired.
New Zealand

crunchy said...

Hi Peter,

Most probably the LCD is not displaying at it's native resolution of 1440x900.

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pirate said...

any way to open up the monitor ourselves? i cant see any screw and wat could be the major problem as my 1942 is not powering up

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