LG W1943S vs LG W1942T

A friend wanted to get a 19 inch widescreen to replace his aging CRT monitor when he saw my LG W1942T widescreen monitor. Since the newer model LG W1943S is also a 19 inch widescreen, he was confused and clueless.

So what's the difference between these two monitors? Let's look at the specs.

LG W1943S and LG W1943T widescreen monitor specs.

LG W1943SLG W1942T
Resolution1366 x 7681440 x 900
Contrast Ratio30000:1 DFC(Original 1000:1)8000:1 DFC(Original 700:1)
Response Time5ms5ms
Viewing Angle176˚/170˚(CR≥5)170˚/170˚(CR≥5)
Power ConsumptionOn (21W )On (36W )
Photolg w1943slg w1942t

The newer model has better contrast ratio and therefore produces better image quality. Viewing angle is slightly better, more stylish design and power consumption is lower than the W1942T. So, what's good about the W1942T? More workspace and additional DVI-D connector.

From the comparison, we know that the LG W1943S is a 16:9 ratio screen and the LG W1942T is a 16:10 ratio screen.

Which to choose?

It all boils down to personal preference really. If you use the monitor mainly for work purpose then I'd say go for the W1942T because of the extra workspace. If you watch a lot of movies, then go for the W1943S.

On the LG official website, the 16:9 marketing pitch is quite misleading especially for someone who is a newbie. The black bars on a 16:10 monitor does not block part of a movie like that.

Forgo some workspace and get better image quality on the W1943S. Choose more workspace and get slightly lower image quality on the W1942T.

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