Eneloop by Sanyo

Couldn't wait any longer when I saw the antelopes, sorry I mean Eneloop batteries in a camera shop. I had to buy it.

What is Eneloop? Eneloop simply means 'energy that loop'. It is a low self discharge Ni-MH battery by Sanyo, or you may call it a Hybrid Ni-MH battery. I did a comparison on some Hybrid Ni-MH batteries two days ago including Eneloop.

I got the pack with Eneloop Mini Charger which includes 2 AA rechargeable batteries.

What's in the pack?

Two-slot mini charger( NC-MDR03W ), two AA size batteries, charger power cord and a manual.

eneloop eneloop eneloop eneloop eneloop eneloop

The batteries can be used straight out of the box unlike normal Ni-MH. But I went ahead and charge it full the first time. It took less than an hour( could have been 30- 45 minutes) to fully charge out of the pack. The charger automatically turns off when batteries are fully charged.

It takes approximately 240 minutes to fully charge the batteries from the lowest charge. The charger has individualized charge control. The voltage of batteries with different individual capacities is constantly monitored one by one to ensure appropriate charging.

So far I've taken 90 photos with my old prosumer Nikon digital camera. 60 photos taken with flash and 30 without flash. Let's see when this battery needs a charge, will update later.

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Tom said...

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