Free Download Manager not working on Firefox?

I had a shock when my favourite download manager did not start downloads from Firefox. Thought it was my ISP dishing out crap service again. If at this point, you do not know what FDM is, go here for a brief review of FDM.

It seems the newer version of Firefox had something to do with it. I had version 3.0.1 and some people reported the same problem with Firefox version 3.0.3 . The FDM devs have fixed the problem, so go download the new version from FDM's site.

Removing and reinstalling FDM can get a little tricky here. So make sure you uninstall FDM first. Then start Firefox and leave it on. And then proceed to install the newer version of FDM. Close and restart Firefox. That should work for you.

*Update 22 October 2009.
I have stopped using FDM for awhile now because I've switched to JDownloader, which in my opinion is much better than FDM. Checkout my post on JDownloader here.

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