Watermarking multiple Photos with Fast Stone Image Viewer

Before we start, download and install Fast Stone Image Viewer if you don't have it yet.

I recommend Fast Stone Image Viewer for watermarking your photos and images because it has all the features that Irfanview and Xnview( both are also free image viewers ) is lacking. Here's how u watermark images with Fast Stone.

From the menu goto 'Tools' choose 'Open Batch Convert/Rename Dialog' or press F3 which opens up the same window. Highlight and choose the photos you want and press 'Add'. Or you could press the 'Add All' button to include all photos in the folder. Next click on 'Advanced Options'.

Choosing between text overlay or watermark image

At the 'Advanced Options' window, you can choose a simple text overlay as your watermark or an image as your watermark. After you're done with the settings, click OK.


At the 'Batch Image Convert/Rename' window, click the 'Convert' button near the bottom and all your photos will be watermarked.

Install only FastStone Photo Resizer

If you have other viewer already installed, and you just want the watermarking functionality just download FastStone Photo Resizer without the Image Viewer.

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